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With any venture, whether it's a hobby or your full-time gig, getting financially rewarded from your hard work is crucial. You're investing your time, energy, and money on it, so why not get something back?

GeoRiot helps you earn that financial reward in three ways: automatically affiliating your links with the correct parameters per country/region, improving conversions by getting your users to the correct place to purchase, and by giving you the tools to increase your awareness about your traffic in order to make better marketing decisions.

Becoming Affiliated

Signing up for the Amazon Associates and iTunes Affiliate programs means you earn money from something you're already doing - sending people to items in the Amazon and iTunes storefronts. However, Amazon's Associate Programs are unique per geographical storefront, so you need to sign up for each to fully monetize your international traffic. On the flip side, even though iTunes is all managed using the same program, your users may be less likely to buy if they're not taken to their local storefront.

GeoRiot solves this quickly and easily for you. Once you're approved for the affiliate programs, simply save your tracking parameters in the GeoRiot dashboard and we take it from there. In minutes the GeoRiot servers are affiliating clicks with the correct parameters and directing your visitors to their local storefronts - all without you updating a single link. Now you are earning commissions from previously untapped regions and countries!

Happy Customers

It may seem like common sense, but happier users are more likely to purchase than unhappy ones, and a good experience helps shape how happy a user can be. By creating a seamless purchasing experience between the click and appropriate destination, we make sure your users are delighted and able to buy.

Improved Learning

The third way GeoRiot helps you earn more is by improving your marketing efforts through actionable reporting. Learning which marketing channels are effective, which promotions or campaigns worked, and which links lead to more purchases can help you refine your marketing to become more efficient.

Better marketing means higher conversions and less money wasted on efforts that didn't pan out.

While every client is different, our clients typically double their affiliate commissions by using our service, and we've even helped some earn a 4x return over what they were previously bringing in.

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