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Geniuslink helps authors share books with their readers using one powerful short link that can take fans to the best storefront instantly or provide a choice of places to buy. And that's just the beginning.

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"Geniuslink has helped us sell more copies of Zero to One. Prospective readers live all over the world -- why wouldn't an author love automatically directing them to the right Amazon store?"

Blake Masters - Co-Author of Zero to One

Maximize your book sales
And save time doing it

With Genius Link, you'll get the most from book links you share with your readers. We'll help you boost revenue, automate, and simplify your life with a service trusted by authors like you.

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Boost revenue
Capture lost income with smarter links

When you link to your book using Geniuslink, we help make sure it takes each visitor to the place where they are most likely to make a purchase.


Genius Link detects a reader's country, language, device, and more, then routes them to the best store for them. It's automatic for Amazon and iBooks. Plus, you can define custom destinations for any other online bookstore or site.

Let Visitors Choose

Your readers may prefer to get their books from other stores, like Kobo, iBooks or wherever else your book is sold. With our "Choice Pages” you can share a page that presents multiple buying destinations, giving your readers the best chance to make a quick purchase. Learn more...

Open a new revenue stream

Why shouldn't you get a kickback for every sale you drive? Genius Link makes it easier than ever to start taking advantage of affiliate programs at Amazon and iBooks. Once set up, Genius Link will automatically attach the correct affiliate parameters to each link you create.

Even better: If you sign up for more than one affiliate program (Amazon has 13 around the world), we'll make sure your international visitors trigger the correct affiliate program for their location.

Amazon Link Health Monitoring

Get alerted if your Amazon link breaks or your book goes out of stock, so that you can either fix the link or change your offer.

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Create localized links the easy way

With Genius Link you don’t waste hours manually editing links or hunting down your book internationally. Just copy, paste, and your link is optimized and ready for readers worldwide for Amazon and iBooks. Once you add your affiliate id’s the first time, Genius Link instantly affiliates and localizes every Amazon and iBooks link in your account.

Make shareable short links

Genius Link dashboard

Our most popular and powerful link creation tool.

Chrome extension

Create optimized links from any page as you browse. Get it...

API integration

Automate link creation inside your process with full API support.

Auto-optimize existing links

YouTube optimizer

Instantly optimize all book links published in your channel. Contact us...

WordPress plugins

Instantly optimize all your book links with our Amazon and iTunes plugins.

Embed snippet

Embed one line of code and update thousands of links at once.

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Know exactly what’s working, and where to double down

Smart authors know: Without analytics, you're wasting money needlessly. How much more will you earn when you can...

  • Know exactly which channels sell more books
  • Track which videos, emails, posts or ads drive the most clicks
  • See where you're leaving money on the table
  • Compare performance at a link, group, or account level

Genius Link makes ALL of that possible, even if you're not a "stats person." It's the surprisingly simple edge you need to scale revenue faster.

A/B test anything

Send a percentage of your clicks to different destinations and compare landing page or storefront performance.

Retarget anyone

Retarget anyone who clicks, even if they never visited your website, and track custom audiences for easy follow-up.

Tag links and compare

Attach UTM tags on any link to compare campaigns, channels, ads, and more.

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Manage all your links from one place

No matter how many books, blogs, or marketing campaigns you are running, one Link account can help you keep everything organized.

One dashboard for all your links

Create custom groups

Organize links in custom groups for each book, event, marketing push, and more.

Edit live links

Change a link's destination on the fly even after you’ve hit send or published. It’s insurance for your marketing.

Multi-channel reporting

Compare performance of links to different websites or channels from one convenient report.

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Market your book with confidence

Learn why some of the world’s biggest authors and publishers trust Genius Link.

Lightning fast, dependable infrastructure

Our global infrastructure is a finely tuned combination of top-end hardware and high-performance, redundant cloud-based services. It's why top authors and publishers trust us with their traffic.

Support from linking experts

When something goes wrong, lost time is lost money. That's why we've got an entire team dedicated to giving you fast support from someone who knows their stuff. Every single time.