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Use Geniuslink to reach your entire global audience with one, intelligent link.

You might be surprised to know Amazon has 14 separate stores around the world, and each one might use different currency, pricing, and even language. When authors send all their international followers to, many of them are less likely to make a purchase. Recapture this lost potential by converting each of your links into a link, and we’ll automatically direct each shopper to the best Amazon store and product, streamlining the checkout process and increasing your sales.

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Why Authors and Publishers Use Geniuslink

Total Link Management

Neatly organize and tag your links to save time and reduce stress. Customize the slug to build trust and easily edit any link at any time to never have a broken link again.

Personalize your links

Play on the same field as the pros with a customized short link domain. A custom domain not only builds instant trust and recognition, it can improve conversion rates.

Auto Affiliation

Easily earn a little extra by taking advantage of the Amazon and iTunes affiliate programs. Add your affiliate parameters once and we'll automatically affiliate each click with the correct ID.

Amazon Safe

Geniuslink is trusted by thousands of Amazon affiliates and we work diligently to ensure our service meets the Associates' guidelines. Have doubts? Just ask your Amazon Associates client support member!

Automagically Globalized Store Links

Our patented translation process automatically ensures that the links to your books on Amazon or iBooks are localized, sending every user to the correct item in their local storefront.

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Not quite ready for a professional link management tool? Check out BookLinker - our free tool built specifically for authors and publishers needing a universal link to Amazon, without the bells and whistles.

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"Geniuslink has helped us sell more copies of Zero to One. Prospective readers live all over the world -- why wouldn't an author love automatically directing them to the right Amazon store?"

"Hooked is sold to fans all over the world. Geniuslink helps me ensure that my promotional links direct every reader to the best place to purchase for their language, country, and more."