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Start earning affiliate revenue worldwide and boost your commissions.

Whether you are new to affiliate programs or already earn income from the Amazon Associates program, Geniuslink can help you maximize your YouTube channel revenue today.

With each Amazon product link you share on your channel, you can start earning commissions from every Amazon region. Plus, boost commissions as we ensure each of your visitors has the best chance to land at the right product in their local store.

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Why Creators Use Geniuslink

Another revenue stream

Tired of relying on AdSense and unpredictable algorithms? Start taking control of your YouTube monetization by earning affiliate revenue from Amazon and iTunes.

One link for the world

Add your Amazon and iTunes affiliate parameters once and we'll automatically affiliate each click with the correct ID, earning you more commissions from around the world.

Boosted Commissions

By ensuring that each click leads to the best store and product, our clients have reported international conversions boosted by up to 200%.

Comprehensive Insights

Get granular with your data using our robust report engine to see every data point for every link and click.

Automagically Globalized Store Links

Our patented translation process automatically ensures that your iTunes and Amazon product links are localized, sending every user to the correct item in their local storefront.

Trusted for Amazon Associates

Geniuslink is trusted by thousands of Amazon affiliates and we work diligently to ensure our service meets the Associates' guidelines.
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"Genius Link has provided us with the tools to help reach our global audience. We are now able to create dynamic eCommerce links and track every single click within their easy to use interface. We'd recommend them to anyone looking to create new revenue streams or simply increase their online sales."

"I'm 100% comfortable recommending the Genius Link service. Their platform is definitely worth trying out, especially if your demographic is skewed outside of the US."