GeoRiot for Amazon

The Amazon brand has proliferated into a worldwide brand that sells almost everything. Amazon was an early adopter of affiliate marketing and has built out a very robust program for its "associates" as it refers to its affiliate partners.

However, Amazon faces the same challenges with geo-fragmentation in regards to both country and region specific storefronts and its affiliate marketing. Amazon has ten storefronts across the world in North America (United States and Canada), Brazil, Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom) and Asia (China, Japan). Each storefront also has its own affiliate program.

Poor User Experience

Digital rights licensing, specific currency and languages, and prohibitive shipping costs limit each of the Amazon storefronts from catering to more than its immediate geographical neighbors. This means international traffic clicking on a typical Amazon affiliate link is redirected to a store where shoppers can do no more than browse. The GeoRiot service solves this issue by directing international traffic to the appropriate item.

Lost Commissions

Similar to the iTunes / App Store Affiliate Program, the Amazon Associates programs are also geographically segmented where each affiliate program will only commission on sales from its specific storefront. This results in poor conversion rates and lost commissions because you don't correctly match the affiliate parameters with each store's links. GeoRiot does exactly this for every click.

Lack of Centralized Reporting

While the reporting for the Amazon Associates program is top notch it is still geographically limited to each specific program only reporting on sales, conversions and commissions for that storefront. There is no centralized reporting to provide a comprehensive overview of affiliate success. GeoRiot's reporting excels at exactly this.

The GeoRiot Solution for the Amazon Associates Program is coming real soon. Contact us if you'd like to be included in the beta.

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