Our Story

GeoRiot was born in early 2009, initially as a spin-off from one of the team's many earlier endeavors of creating extreme sports soundtrack websites that used the iTunes Affiliate Program and the Amazon Associates Program. GeoRiot was founded on the basic principle that online marketing should be profitable and accessible on a global scale, but unfortunately back in 2009, it was anything but. In fact, when it came to earning commissions from international sales in iTunes and Amazon, the Internet was simply, broken.

Since then, we've successfully bridged the purchasing gap for iTunes and Amazon and are now furthering our reach to other fragmented storefronts around the globe. Because the online commerce landscape continues to shift and is no longer just fragmentation by country (but now device, operating system, language, and more) we continue to evolve right along with it.

In 2015, we changed our branding from the company name of GeoRiot, to Geniuslink to better reflect that we now solve not only the problem of geo-fragmentation - but fragmentation across all of the ways people can buy products.

The Founding Team

Jesse Lakes

In 2009, Jesse L and co-founder Jesse P launched a series of websites that utilized the iTunes and Amazon affiliate programs, but realized they had an issue with monetizing geo-fragmented audiences because of the country-specific affiliate programs. They came up with a solution, and as the project became a success, it was clear that they had built a tool that other Internet marketers would benefit from using. Later that year, he authored the first book on the iTunes Affiliate Program titled Mastering the iTunes Affiliate Program to help guide affiliate marketers through the fragmentation. The publication caught the eye of the iTunes team at One Infinite Loop and shortly thereafter Jesse L packed up his gear to take up residence in The Valley as Global Manager of the iTunes and App Store Affiliate Program.

However, fixing the fragmented buying experience was always in the back of Jesse's mind and after a couple-year stint fixing the iTunes Affiliate program, he headed back up to Seattle to combine forces with Jesse Pasichnyk. They transformed the tool made for their websites into a service available to the world.

Jesse Pasichnyk

Jesse P’s passion for all things nerdy made it obvious at an early age he was destined for a career in software engineering. After getting his BS in Computer Science at the University of Montana while hacking away on a few tech startups, Jesse P accepted a prestigious engineering position at Microsoft, where he spent the next 8 years building 24/7/365 business-critical systems for the tech behemoth.

On nights and weekends, Jesse continued to whittle away at the GeoRiot service, then in 2013, he gathered all of his experience from his degree, work on tech startups, and lessons learned at Microsoft then focused it full-time on architecting GeoRiot’s systems and infrastructure to meet the demands of global e-commerce. Meanwhile he earned his pilot’s license, because free time is overrated.

Being painstakingly stubborn about never leaving projects at "good enough” shines through with every line of code Jesse writes and design choice he makes, regardless if it’s a small feature or massive system architecture change. At the controls of our technology stack, Jesse ensures we never disappoint, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Shannon M. McGuire

After earning her BS in Computer Engineering from Lehigh University, Shannon spent the first part of her career as a government contractor. We can't tell you more than that or we'd have to kill you. (Seriously.)

Even though she couldn't talk too deeply about her experience, it still landed her a spot on the prestigious iTunes engineering squad, where she stayed until she parted ways to join GeoRiot in September 2011 as a co-founder and GeoRiot's first full-time employee. On top of her impressive resume, Shannon also ensures GeoRiot's office dogs Jack, Moxy and Daisy get enough belly rubs.

Our Mission

Improve the online commerce experience for both consumers and promoters through offering an intelligent links that works, simply.

Our mission is twofold.

We're raising awareness of the fact that every day, Internet marketers, app developers, book publishers and authors, record labels and global brands are unknowingly losing sales and customers to broken links, error messages and poor user experiences.

We're challenging the outdated notion that you use a link with a single destination for your entire audience across devices, countries, and operating systems.

The best part?

Our service is focused on liberating your lost sales due to "dumb" links. Your clients will riot (with joy) at the experience they get with your links, and we predict Zen-like peace and calm as you come to realize your marketing campaigns are more profitable than ever, that you’re a part of a paradigm shift in online marketing, and you're helping to overturn one of the biggest problems facing the industry in the last decade.

Geniuslink - making the Internet a better place, one click at a time.