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Genius Link makes it easy to manage and optimize thousands of links.
Guaranteed Amazon, iTunes, and Microsoft safe.

Product Localization

Automatically send buyers to the best store and product for their country.

Auto Affiliation

Automatically affiliate links to Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and Microsoft stores.

Choice Pages (Beta)

Instantly create landing pages the let shoppers choose where they buy.

Link Monitoring

Get alerts when an Amazon link breaks or the product goes out of stock.

Your account also includes...

Link shortening

Vanity URLs

Powerful analytics

Pixels & Retargeting

Groups & filtering

Tags & UTMs

Real-time link editing

A/B traffic split

Wordpress plugins

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"Genius Link increased our total international affiliate revenue by 120%."

David Peterson, CEO - ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the free trial work?

We want you to love Genius Link and all its benefits so please explore at your own convenience. Build any type of link, drive as many clicks as you can, and learn from our reports. Easily cancel, with no obligations, any time during the trial.

Is it safe to use Genius Link with the Amazon Associates program?

Yes! Geniuslink is safe to use with the Amazon Associates program, and has been trusted by thousands of Amazon associates for years. Be sure to follow the program guidelines and never use your links to deceive your visitors. Learn more...

When is my bill due?

On the first of each month, we'll email you an invoice and then auto-bill the payment method we have on record. Of course you won't be billed for any traffic during your free trial and never for bot or junk clicks.

How does my traffic affect my bill at the end of each month?

We offer a plan that grows with you - you only ever pay for the clicks that your links bring in. There's no flat monthly rate and no volume ceiling. We even apply an escalating discount when your traffic exceeds 25,000 clicks in a month.

How do I know what to expect from my monthly invoice?

It’s easy to check your real-time click volume and view an upcoming invoice at any time from the dashboard. You can also stay informed about link health and monitor the growth of your traffic with our mid-month performance reports!

I have more questions about pricing!

That’s great! Go deeper with our Pricing FAQ and always feel free to contact our support team - we look forward to working with you!

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