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Optimize Campaigns

Get the most out of every link with simple and powerful tools.

Dynamic Link Destinations

Improve conversions by marketing to your entire audience. Create a single link that routes every user to the right place based on their device type, operating system, country and even when they click.
Learn more about Advanced Targets.

Targeted Marketing Audiences

Use retargeting pixels from Facebook, Twitter and Google to better track your audience. Create more effective marketing campaigns in the future based on who clicked today.
Learn more about Retargeting Pixels.

Automagically Globalized Store Links

iTunes and Amazon links are automatically translated and affiliated using our patented link translation technology, ensuring every user gets to the right item in their local storefront and you get credit for those sales.
Deep dive into Globalized Links.

Full Affiliate Program Automation

Add your Amazon and iTunes affiliate IDs once, and we'll automatically assign the correct ones, earning you more commissions from around the world.
Master the Affiliate Program.

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Customize Experiences

Personalize your intelligent links for better user experiences and conversions.

Custom Domain Support

Use your own domain to improve your click-through rate with a name your fans will instantly trust.
Explore Branding details.

Note: Additional fees apply for custom domains. Contact us for pricing.

Create Vanity URLs

Personalize each link to make it unique, memorable and click-friendly by adding your own flair, like geni.us/MyProduct.
See more about Vanity Links.

Fine Tune Links in Real Time

Edit your links to add advanced targets, pixels and even change the default destination in real time, even after they're live.

Author-Specific Tool

Want globalized Amazon book links, book and author specific URLS and basic reporting? Check out BookLinker - our tool geared towards independent authors and book publishers who don't need the extra bells and whistles.
Go to BookLinker's site.

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Understand and Improve

Use actionable reports to measure what's working and what's not, then adjust your marketing strategies for better performance in the future.

Comprehensive Insights

See detailed metrics across ten reports (country, referrer, OS, device, destination and more) at three levels of granularity (account, group and individual link) to truly understand your audience and campaigns.
See details about Geniuslink insights.

Sales Insights and Affiliate Commissions

Learn even more by syncing your iTunes and Amazon affiliate data to view earnings across the world in a single dashboard.
See sales insight details.

Remove Confusion with Notes

Add a note to links to let your team know what each link is for, or use as a reminder for yourself.
Check out notes.

True Conversion Measurements

Close the attribution loop by seeing which clicks actually turn into sales for the items you're promoting. View conversions across links, groups, tags, devices, operating systems and browsers (iTunes only).
Learn about tracking your conversions.

Smarter Link Tracking Through Tags

Label your links with keywords (a.k.a. "tracking tags") to compare metrics across links or augment other reports.
Find out more about tracking tags.

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Streamline Implementation

Intelligent doesn't mean complicated. Easy integration and setup options get you up and running, stat.

Easy Setup

With tools like our geni.us link creator, iTunes Link Engine, Amazon Link Engine WordPress plugins, JavaScript Snippet and other linking formats, creating intelligent links only takes minutes.

Stay Organized with Groups

Keep links organized and get unique insights into specific collections or campaigns with Groups.
Explore Groups.

Full API Support

Want to build your own tools and workflows with intelligent links built in? Check out our fully supported API.

Get started with the Geniuslink API.

Buffer Integration

Quickly create social media posts right from your dashboard through the industry's best social media tool.
Check out the Buffer Integration.

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Sustainable Support

We're here to help you succeed. We do this by offering fair pricing and strive to build long term relationships with every one of our clients. Always.

Simple Pricing

Easy to understand and straightforward pricing means no surprises for you. You're billed once a month and only for the clicks you use.
More details on pricing.

Free World-Class Support

Client success is deeply ingrained in our DNA and it shows through everything we do, including our support. Contact us with any questions, concerns or issues you run into and we'll make sure you're taken care of.

Blazing Fast and Reliable

Our global infrastructure is a finely tuned combination of top-end hardware and high-performance cloud-based services around the world. You'll never see a slow or broken link and our uptime is second to none.
See our current uptime and availability.

We're not trying to brag (okay, maybe a little) but the geni.us service is used in a variety of ways, including in digital advertising and marketing, social media, mobile and desktop apps, and websites. The geni.us service offers a bunch of benefits including advisory, consulting, tracking and reporting on click and link activities.

While our specialty is intelligent links, the geni.us service also provides custom software engineering solutions to the above avenues for leading technology companies. Sign up below to check it out.