"Happy to share that after adding Geni.us links to new pages we've effectively doubled the revenue…"
-- Oliver Millar - Affiliate Strategist, Softonic

"The benefits Geniuslink provides are two-fold: consumers, no matter where they are or what device they're using, arrive at the right e-commerce destination for checkout, and marketers collect on the revenue that was previously lost to fragmentation based on user location and other issues. Developed in-house, the proprietary Geniuslink technology continues to evolve to ensure one link fits all." -
-- Adam West - Contributing Editor, DealCrunch.com

"The Genius Link service provides us with many options to better manage our affiliate links. Thanks to the many implementation strategies available we were able to deploy it easily across multiple sites. One of the biggest value adds for me is getting visibility into the international clicks that would have been wasted without this service."
-- Christophe Frenet - Vice President, Commerce and Community at Purch

"If you're a publisher with a global footprint, the Genius Link service gives you the power to direct your users to the geo-targeted affiliate experience that's right for them - without cluttering the user experience. It just works!"
-- Ray Pawulich - Product Manager, Future

"The Genius Link service has brought ease to the previously arduous task of managing/tracking our affiliate links. Their platform not only enhanced our normal process, but also taught us new tools to maximize our marketing efforts."
-- Sandra Chu - Global Strategic Marketing, HyperX

"Working with GeoRiot has been a great experience. They are extremely helpful, provide a great service and have helped save a lot of time geo-targeting our links."
-- Sam Stansfield - Digital Partnerships Executive, ESI Media

"GeoRiot helped us increase our affiliate revenue by a solid 15% through improving the purchasing experience for our international traffic. Plus, their centralized reporting of our affiliate accounts is an incredible time saver as I don't have to check six different dashboards to know how much money we're making, from where, and through which links."
-- Harry Botwick - Ad Operations, Ranker

"We use the Genius Link service as our intelligent link shortening service and they have been instrumental in maximizing our affiliate revenue and generating data and insights for our marketing campaigns."
-- Nicholas Osborne - Senior Manager, Digital Strategy, Universal Music Group Canada

"The Genius Link service quickly became our default link management tool and we are constantly finding new ways to innovate and leverage the tools with the team."
-- Tony Grotticelli - Director of Digital Content & Analysis, Universal Music Group Nashville

"The Genius Link service helped us understand and learn sales performance on iTunes. Through the service, we were able to test and learn different audiences and creative, optimizing to sales data rather than just clicks."
-- Alexa DiSciullo - Media Planner, DigitasLbi

"The Genius Link service has all of our link management needs covered and continues to roll out new features we never knew we needed and are now essential for our competitive edge."
-- Aaron Ford - Director, Digital Advertising, The Orchard

"My book recommendations newsletter and articles have always had an international audience but it took too much time or was too hard to make custom links for each one. GeoRiot basically fixes all that for me, increases conversions and helps me spread the word about books I love."
-- Ryan Holiday - Author, Growth Hacker Marketing

"The Genius Link service helped IdeaMensch double our online revenues, all while making revenue-generating links as easy as 1,2,3."
-- Mario Schulzke - Founder, IdeaMensch

"Never before did we enjoy such a productive and at the same time harmonic relationship with another company. With their help we were able to simplify and improve the creation and management of purchase and affiliate links, and it saves us so much time every single day!"
-- Christopher Guertler - New Media, Nuclear Blast Records

"The Genius Link service has made it possible for us to successfully venture into international affiliate markets, increasing our total international affiliate revenue by 120%."
-- David Peterson - Owner, ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney.com

"We started using the Genius Link service a year ago now. The team have been proactive to get our feedback and accommodate anything that we feel will help our marketing efforts. We haven't looked back!"
-- Charlie Biles - Digital Marketing Manager, Play It Again Sam / [PIAS] Recordings

"I'm 100% comfortable recommending the Genius Link service. Their platform is definitely worth trying out, especially if your demographic is skewed outside of the US."
-- Linus Sebastian - Founder, Linus Media Group Inc.

"With Geniuslink I'm confident that I'm maximizing my earnings across countries to squeeze every last drop out of my affiliate traffic. Support is second to none - I really feel like I'm being taken care of, with fast, personal and expert help from the friendly team. I can't recommend Geniuslink enough for sites of any size."
-- Mark - Author, Shotkit

Even more happy clients

"After integrating GeniusLink in our blog, we could reach out to visitors/consumers across all countries where Amazon provides its e-commerce service. GeniusLink certainly helps us improve revenue we are earning from our blog. It is quite easy to implement this link. I would recommend this service to all my blogger friends."
-- Arpan Shah - Co-Founder, Indabaa.com

"Genius link has provided us with the tools to help reach our global audience. We are now able to create dynamic eCommerce links and track every single click within their easy to use interface. We'd recommend them to anyone looking to create new revenue streams or simply increase their online sales."
-- Daniel Derrick, TechTekk.com

"We implemented the Genius Link service on our blog, and I was very surprised to see a 50% increase in Amazon Associates revenue last month! The Genius Link service is now our link to maximized income. It’s unique, and more importantly, it works!"
-- Anup Kayastha, Editor-in-Chief of TufiTech

"I love GeoRiot! A great tool for global marketing."
-- Jethro Sheeran, Music Artist and Producer

"GeoRiot is a special kind of platform! The service is obviously very powerful and very easy to use. What surprised me even more is how fast support is in replying to my emails."
-- Andre B. of Your Guitar Workshop

"To be honest, I couldn't be happier with your service. It's really terrific."
-- Nir S. Founder and Editor in Chief of GadgetMac

"I am so pleased with all the help I received from GeoRiot. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a welcoming email directly from them, not a generic automated response. And when I came to them with some concerns, they went out of their way to provide me with all the information they could. It's not very often in this day and age that you can get such wonderful and personal customer service! Thank you GeoRiot, and keep up the awesome work!"
-- Marguerite M., Indie Publisher

"Our main perspective has been from that of the user since day one. For this reason, we serve less ads than many of our competitors and rely heavily on Amazon Associates for revenue. GeoRiot's automatic redirection of international readers to the storefront that's most relevant to them while capturing relevant commissions makes the service a no-brainer!"
-- Michael B. of GearHungry

"What you guys have is a great way to show stats and results, I really was amazed to see how much more there was to offer than simply the geo redirection. Honestly just having a simpler interface for creating links and organizing things into folders is just amazing compared to that native [raw-links] experience."
-- Shutter Muse

"The service you guys provide is awesome and I'm actually writing a review of it on my search engine marketing blog.[...] Anyway, I've already seen great results from using GeoRiot and so far everything has been flawless."
-- Hiking Gear Guru Chief Editor Deni Ivanov

"Genius Links are freaking brilliant!!! After launching our apps on Android, we changed the app links embedded in our social sharing content to point to the app page on our website so users could choose the button for their respective store. But that adds an extra click and I'm sure we lose users. Now we have one link to rule them all! Well done, Sauron."
-- CJ de Heer of Surf City Games

"This is why I am so impressed with Georiot. You send a personal update, and not some noreply like most companies these days do. Also, the Georiot design is excellent, really clean and user friendly and it works like magic."
-- Crime Jail Editor Mike Lund

"I don't often reach out to websites to say thanks and well done, but you're doing a great job. You've clearly put a lot of thought into how to make the process painless for your visitors."
-- The Beatles Bible

I have been using GeoRiot for some months now and highly recommend it. Not only does it make life much simpler to have a single link you can use for any Amazon product, it has also boosted my income from Amazon's affiliate program considerably.
-- Guest Post: Promoting with Raw Links Leaves You Hungry by Nick Daws

"...for anyone that is just starting out like I am, one more passive revenue stream is awesome! I love what you've done with GeoRiot, very clever and super useful!"
-- Bacon Bandit Games

"Every single encounter I have with you is further proof that Georiot's customer service is the best there is."
-- PocketTactics

"If you are serious about going global in affiliate marketing then you should check out GeoRiot."
-- The Challenges of In-App Mobile Affiliate Marketing by Will Lovegrove

"With a fair percentage-based compensation model, easy integration process, and now an elaborate unified reporting platform, GeoRiot is well-positioned to firmly entrench itself as a leader in global affiliate management."
-- GeoRiot Unveils Unified Reporting on SoundCtrl

"If you've got an international fanbase (and you do cause you're on the web, right?) you should definitely check out GeoRiot for iTunes affiliate sales."
-- Worldwide iTunes Affiliate Links Via GeoRiot & Related Tools For Musicians on Hypebot.com

"...a great way to turn website traffic into dollars, or in-app users into more money."
-- Bluecloud Solutions

"...they've actually made it possible to collect on it all. It's surprisingly simple."
-- Dane Homenick

"One thing that's very special about you and your site is how you give clear instructions on how to navigate through the gobble-de-gook on linkshare, dgm,and tradedoubler."
-- Wonderiffic Apps

"We're very happy to see this feature [affiliate sales and commission reporting], it's been something I've long wanted."
-- TouchArcade and AppShopper

"Using GeoRiot allows you to serve your customers usable links while giving you the data you need to identify markets both for joining that nation's affiliate program and for additional localized activity."
-- ...GeoRiot Provides Nation-Specific Affiliate Links on Hypebot.com

"...a 90% plus rise in iTunes link revenue already recorded."
-- VigLink upgrades iTunes affiliate links on Affiliates4U

"...what struck me was how easily the processes were explained and shown. I really felt comfortable..."
-- Kiy Hong Tang (Uk based Independent developer)

"...it's M-O-N-E-Y!"
-- Because Your Affiliation Matters: How to Make Money with GeoRiot on The Daily Rind and HypeBot.com

"It works great! ...Basically by updating a link, I'm getting some extra cash... it's a pity that I didn't think about it earlier."
-- Flubber Media

"The truth is at first I was thinking GeoRiot did not provide much but a simple geolocating of ip addresses. I did not realize how much support and help I would get, which really makes it a value for me."
-- Digital Storytime

"We tried out the service and decided to replace our own iTunes affiliation Internationalization system with GeoRiot as they are simply the best at it. GeoRiot is really a win-win deal and the people behind it are both friendly and professional when you start talking to them."
-- Allobo.com

"I love GeoRiot"
-- emirBytes

"Your service is perfect. I can see that it is working and I have no concerns or problems. It sits there quietly in the back ground doing its job!"
--Mac Guides And Solutions

"..love the simplicity of GeoRiot."
-- Releasification

"Anyone who sends their users to the App Store, whether your business is on mobile and/or the web, should partner with GeoRiot. It's a no-brainer. Not only will they help you capture more of your revenue opportunity, their customer service is exemplary."
-- PlayHaven

"Just one word for your program... BRILLIANT. It saves me a huge amount of time and generates commission in countries that I could not reach previously."
-- Fun Educational Apps

"As a small business owner who takes our own customer service very seriously it's great to see you doing such a good job - thanks!"
--Growing Interactive

"The leader in global affiliate-linking solutions, GeoRiot..."
-- GeoRiot Unveils Unified Reporting on SoundCtrl

"The new reporting from GeoRiot is so straight forward that it makes it so easy to find out where our clicks are coming and optimize our strategies"
-- Regional Account Manager at Warner Music Mexico

"The service is designed to make you more money - and it will!"
-- Blog post by the creator of Ominocity.

"Your service is just awesome, it's totally set and forget (in a very positive way)."
-- Briksoftware

"As we continue to explore the app discovery world we will be using GeoRiot's service to make it as profitable as possible."
-- Blue Graphene S.L.

"Using GeoRiot gives me two distinct advantages - they allow me to take advantage of my international traffic and they make sure that all my users have the same user experience. GeoRiot has, and always is, interested in making my wishes for new features a priority."
-- PowderManiac

"Durch die Nutzung von GeoRiot haben wir zwei entscheidende Vorteile - wir ziehen Nutzen aus unserem internationalen Traffic und wir können sicherstellen, dass alle unsere User den gleichen Nutzen aus unserem Angebot ziehen. GeoRiot war und ist stets daran interessiert unsere Anfragen nach neuen Funktionen zügig umzusetzen."
-- PowderManiac

"I think the service you are running is fantastic. Sometimes, the best feedback is not hearing anything (because people are not complaining!), and GeoRiot is extremely seamless in doing its job."
-- iFans

"Great Service..."
-- Bloop.it

"Very happy with GeoRiot, it works really well and is perfect for our site."
-- iPilotApps.com

"GeoRiot was able to give us an edge by quickly allowing us to maximize our commissions and make sure our customers were taken care of. They will be a critical component in every new discovery app we bring to market."
-- Sane Apps, LLC.

"We looked far and wide. We tried other services. GeoRiot provides the most complete and accurate reporting for iTunes affiliate commissions."
-- OpenClik

"Keep up the great work, the service is working really well! I am now earning comissions from all over the world! Also, the GeoRiot team should get a medal for its reactivity!"
-- SQuatsoft

"I am very happy with the GeoRiot service, it performs exactly how I wanted, and it is easy to set-up."
--Mac Guides And Solutions

"There is one other solution. This one is a perfect hybrid that allows seamless linking but doesn't require the heavy lifting of creating your own geo-targeting/proxy linking system. It is a service called GeoRiot."
-- Mastering the iTunes Affiliate Program ebook

"...I'm really pleased that my links are now being correctly translated. My nephew tried a sample from one of my apps, all of which worked well. Previously he had received the 'not available in this iTunes store message', so GeoRiot has been a great solution to that problem."
-- Alan R. (alsapps.com)